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07-17-2010, 07:05 PM
Hi. Anyone care to post short stories about lousy neighbors ..or roommates...etc. (without having rebuttals, it's just a place to vent).
So....Dear Hillbilly neighbor in the blue house: please put your crap back into your shed, so your teens, and the neighbor teens don't smoke/have sex/drink/do drugs in there. YOur crap taken from inside the shed looks incredibly hideous sitting around/on top of your shed. Dear Complex Mgmt.: PLEASE make them put their crap away !!! Make them put their trash into cans so the critters don't come around/rip it open. Dear Hillbillies: please don't leave your dog unattended, on a chain, with no water, for up to 3 hrs/a time...in 94 degree heat!! Please quit having 6, 8, 14 yr olds improperly watch your toddler. I am really tempted to call child prot. services, but don't want your delinquent son/his friends to do something to my car/ house /self. Please stop cussing around your toddler. He already seems to be mentally under developed,..as any person you left in charge of him does NOT help him with playing (interacting) so he grows, learns language (he only grunts and cries..?unknown if 18 mo. or 24 months old). He should not be told to "come here" when he's 2 feet from the street. Toddlers have to be held onto. YOu have to get up off your @ss and prevent it.

Dear complex Management: why aren't you giving them monthly citations about the rules like you give to others?!!? ("fix/clean X problem or we will and make you pay for it") They've been doing this for a year? Gawd!! some days it's like living next to a Jerry Springer show....some days I wish they'd move. ....Sorry for long rant.
Please share your "crappy neighbor" stories...whether you live in an apartment /house /condo /trailer / farm...
--Shannon________(if no one wants to contribute, Mod. is free to delete whole thing)

lady Amalthea
07-17-2010, 08:53 PM
Not about a neighbor but close enough. I live at home with my mom and brother, on my retail pay I cannot even afford a cardboard box. My mom works graveyard shift at philip morris, right now they are on forced overtime, i.e seven days a week. I work 40 hours a week, clean the house, do laundry, wash dishes, grocery shop, even have my mom's coffee ready for her when she wakes up.

My rant is my brother(32) who also works full time. but does nothing to help out, he can't even change a roll of toilet paper, just grabs a new one and leaves it on the sink and the empty roll on the handle. can't he just get off his ass and help out, I'm only asking small things, like changing the toilet paper, putting his dishes in the dishwasher. Small things. Nooo, he comes home from work and sits in front of the TV watching cartoons, stupid cartoons, cartoons 5 year olds watch.

He can afford to move out if he budgeted properly, so please can he. I am so sick of being the only one who does anything to help out my mom. every time me or my mom ask him to do something, like take less than a week to do 2 loads of laundry he agrees then promptly forgets. leaving one of us to finish it so we can do our laundry, :rant::rgue:

07-18-2010, 05:52 AM
Dear Hillbilly neighbor in the blue house: please put your crap back into your shed, so your teens, and the neighbor teens don't smoke/have sex/drink/do drugs in there. YOur crap taken from inside the shed looks incredibly hideous sitting around/on top of your shed.

Oh, so you've met my boyfriend's dad? :yuck:

07-18-2010, 12:12 PM
My neighborhood is falling apart. We are in a small town but from the description you'd think it was an inner city. There are shootings, arson, and delinquent teens that do what they want. A dog fighting ring on one end of the street and a big time drug dealer on the other. At all hours of the day and night you hear rap music (loud enough to shake my windows in their casing), fireworks, gun shots, and sirens. There isn't just one person or family to complain about it's everything, but the guy next to us is the immediate problem.

We just had a real estate agent appraise our property so we could put it on the market and try to move someplace safer. She said we'd be lucky to get $15,000 for it. (This is not enough to payoff the mortgage) Our house is in good repair, has new appliances that would stay, and a nice porch and lawn. It's the area and the neighbors that bring down the value.

On one side of us is a guy sounds exactly like your "hillbilly" Shadowcat. He's a scrap scavenger so his yard and driveway is filled with metal, glass, and general trash that he's collecting to take somewhere for money. He has a rottweiler that seems intimidating but is actually the sweetest and saddest puppy I've ever seen. He keeps her outside all year round, doesn't talk to or play with her, and keeps her pregnant so he can sell the pups. He has a big falling apart truck that he hauls scrap with and he parks it in the 1-way street making it impossible to safely maneuver to get out. Calling the police doesn't help either they don't come or they pop over for a minute wave a finger and leave. Nothing changes.

On the other side of us is a condemned apartment building that can't be torn down because the 1-way street is too narrow to get the equipment down. It has a hole in the roof that's been letting water inside for years and now black mold is starting to grow up the side of the building. It's a huge vermin pit and a health hazard but neighborhood kids play there, get high there, and street girls take their clients there.

We're at a complete loss of what to do. This house and neighborhood is trapping us.

07-19-2010, 12:44 AM
I don't really know my neighbors - and most of them speak Spanish anyways.

But I did have a horrible college roommate who (we found out) peed in a big glass pickle jar (I mean industrial restaurant size) and kept it under her bed. The day we found it is the day she left that house ... for GOOD!

Annabella St. Clair
07-19-2010, 11:50 PM
Bad roommate didn't pay any rent and thought it ok to have his gamer friends, who smelled, come over and take over the livingroom. I would hide the toilet paper. I paid for it.

Next good roommate had small bad habits I could ignore. He paid rent and bought groceries. One bad time only, it only happened ONCE, I woke up to moaning and screaming twice in a night. He paid a high price for that shit. He was 40 and knew better.

07-20-2010, 12:07 AM
Just for a laugh... Voltaire did a good song on this very subject.

Phoenix McHeit
07-20-2010, 07:50 AM
Just for a laugh... Voltaire did a good song on this very subject.

Ooooh I lurve me my Voltaire. But he is slightly NSFW - language. :wink:

Eldest sang Graveyard Picnic as an audition for his theater group (they were studying Poe at the time)

And I often sang Goodnight Demonslayer to my boys when they were small.

Sorry for the threadjack... ::whistle:: Back to your regularly scheduled venting session!

The 6th Rogue
07-26-2010, 11:52 AM
We're at a complete loss of what to do. This house and neighborhood is trapping us.

My informed legal opinion would recommend arson. Not your place but the rest of the neighborhood. ;-)

I bought a townhouse back around Halloween in a nice neighborhood in a nice town. Some of the condo/townhouses near us are rented out by the owners. We've had some minor stuff from renters, some funny, some not:

1) The people that used to rent above us would wear heavy shoes year round and not go to bed until midnite or one and get up at 5:30 to do aerobics. All this over my bedroom. I exerted my god-like powers and convinced the universe to help them to move out.

2) One guy down the way (dunno if he owns or rents) is called the "weird dude of the neighborhood" by most of the residents. He hates everyone but will say hi to you and call you by name friendly enough. He also has a "dog" that's part bison and part rhinoceros and poops like a well fed triceratops. It's town, county, state ordinance that you pick up after your animal or you pay some additional taxes. I had to complain about this guy several times because his beast was leaving small mountains in the area that's designated for the kids to play in. It took the cops handing him a citation (not the first, I hear) to get him to walk his pet monster elsewhere...and he still doesn't pick up after the thing anyway. I've grown used to that.

2b) Because of him we now also have additional signs put up that say (really, they do) "STOP THE CRAP! Pick up after your pet, it's the law." I've been tempted to take a picture of the sign and post it on Facebook.

3) We have new neighbors in the unit above and across the stairwell from us. They are self contented, not much to look at unless you're turned on by Jabba the Hutt, rude and loud...especially when having sex...near the window, any window in their place, while it's opened. My son (who turns two in the Fall) made high pitched screaming noises at one of the open windows one morning recently in a fair impersonation of the sounds he heard coming out of said opened window. My wife was half mortified and half bemused.

4) (On a positive note) We have one of the perkiest Satanists I have ever met living across from us. "Scarlett" is suspected of being trans-gender, is vampire thin and started out red headed but found a bottle of "We're using this until they come up with something darker than black" black hair dye. Her dog is an 85 pound rotti who grows like a hell beast when you're beyond 20 feet but as soon as you're over that hidden border she's a complete love hound. Not that I'd invite her over for dinner quite yet but she's a breath of fresh air compared to some of the other stuff.

5) We have a young guy (early to mid 20's) who is the perfect example of the "Jersey Redneck." He has two flags displayed at all times; the Stars and Stripes and the POW/MIA flag. They alternate from his balcony to his big, white pick-up truck. Near as I can figure he's never been in the military but wears the hair do and talks about 'Nam like he was there. I'm probably almost twice his age and the closest I got to 'Nam was playing with my G.I. Joes and being showed away from the evening news by my parents like any four year old would. He also blares Bon Jovi from his truck as long as the motor is running. I've grown used to that.

6) (Another positive note) Our nearest neighbors are three room mates. One is in the Air Force, does a lot of classified stuff and is a really good guy. His room mate makes Nathan Lane look like Conan the Barbarian. His room mate's room mate makes his room mate look like Conan the Barbarian. They are all really nice guys, pleasant to me, my son and my wife and their place looks FABULOUS...except for the air conditioners they've added to supplement the central air they have running 24/7. The one in the window of the shared wall between their place and my bedroom makes it sound like I'm sleeping inside a UFO. I've grown used to that.

7) The one family in the neighborhood that are Spanish Speakers own a single bedroom loft condo and the guy runs a painting business. I've seen a lot of people there (of various ethnicity) look at them like they are bringing down the property values. The guy and his wife are very hard working and run a painting business. We hired him to redo half the inside of the townhouse and for a third of what I thought he was going to ask and only two days he did one of the best paint jobs I've ever seen in my life. I've been telling everyone that this dude is the man and he's since gone on to paint several of the units in the place. Some of the people still look down on him but...I've grown used to that.

I want to kidnap Christopher Moore and force him to live in my neighborhood for three months. He's the only one, I think, that could capture the level of weird that floats through the air of the parking lot.

07-30-2010, 08:37 PM
It's not a "vent" really, but ... what about the "Crazy Neighbor Man"? Everyone's got one! Ours is an intriguing specimen - he's on disability, so he spends most of his time building model airplanes/Star Trek ships/etc. He's good with paints - he did our custom motorcycle (yellow with black stripes - the license plate says "BUMBEE"). However, he's constantly getting injured - any kind of accident imaginable, he's probably experienced it. Poor guy's almost always got some hurt or another... but he's always got a good attitude about it. He's really nice, but just a little nutz, ya know? Anyway, that's our crazy neighbor man. :snicker::snicker:

07-31-2010, 08:13 AM
Seriously people! When the neighborhood sponsors a concert, that's great! You should go. However, just because it's not your house or your yard, that does not mean you may leave your trash scattered about the green. Nor does it mean you may leave it in a heap next to, but not in, the trash.

Pick up after yourselves!! Mommy isn't here anymore, she moved to a clean house!

08-03-2010, 01:47 AM
I pay a pretty penny to live in my apartment and I do my level best to ignore the bullshit from the neighbors and mind my own business. I let just about everything slide because I know my dogs bark on occasion when I'm not home. But Jesus H. Christ on toast - did this building turn Section 8 without my knowledge? English is not a recognized language. The landscaping is not a jungle gym - and the kids are destroying it. They've completely stripped every low-hanging tree limb and shrub around and the complex has left tree limbs just dangling rather than trimming the trees and remove the limbs the kids have destroyed.

The large rock "river" between my building and the next was installed (I'm guessing) to control the runoff from heavy rainfalls. Now the little miners have taken to transporting these rather sizeable rocks up and down the lawn and breaking them (by smashing them on the sidewalk) into smaller pieces that are left on the sidewalk and in the grass impeding both pedestrians and the lawn service. Oh - and after a rainfall - the water runs right over the sidewalk like it originally did.

And after taking note of other buildings in the complex, I'm wondering why it is that nearly everyone who lives on the south side of building 6 (mine) and the north side of building 8 (next door) thinks their balcony or patio is extra storage for their kids toys, unused and damaged furniture, BBQ grills (which are not allowed) and dirty old shoes? I kid you not, there are bikes, trikes, pedal cars, sofas, dining room sets, a teter-totter, a baby saucer and wind-up swing, old tires and empty beer bottles everywhere! It looks like a Section-8 housing complex in Mexico City.

Oh - and while I'm complaining - when did 8-year-old girls become suitable babysitters for infants and toddlers? Where the FUCK are these babies' parents?!

The 6th Rogue
08-04-2010, 10:59 AM
Where the FUCK are these babies' parents?!

Probably in a motel making more kids.

08-04-2010, 12:01 PM
Yesterday evening after putting my demon spawn ( <3 them little heathens!) to bed I decided to enjoy a glass of wine and a smoke out on the back patio (since I do not smoke in my house). While peacfully shopping online at my table, sipping my wine and puffing away I heard a scretchy voice call to me from over the fence.

Lady next door -"Excuse me? Hi?"

Me - *looks up slightly annoyed* "Hi, how are you?"

Lady next door -"My daughter is having a big party here Sunday, would you mind taking down the kids pool and putting that pile of wood out for the trash (twigs which fell from a storm last week- neatly piled up agiant the fence)

Me- *looks blankly at her* "Right - I will get rid of the twigs - but I am not taking down their pool for your party." *snorts*

L.N.D. - "Oh well I thought I'd ask - Since it is odviously a childs toy and dosent mesh with the natrual order of the yards. We where going for a sophisticated look for this party"

Me- *smirks* "Well I suppose you should put up a privacy fence in the next 6 days then"

What a Twat waffle! I was so pissed! Not only pissed but insulted! She needs to keep her decore on her side of the property line - bitch face!

08-04-2010, 12:57 PM
"We where going for a sophisticated look for this party"

Clearly sophisticated people don't have children. So, when is this pig roast you're having in your back yard? I bet we could get together enough ice, lime, & tequila to turn that kiddie pool into a margarita pool.

08-04-2010, 01:06 PM
Clearly sophisticated people don't have children. So, when is this pig roast you're having in your back yard? I bet we could get together enough ice, lime, & tequila to turn that kiddie pool into a margarita pool.

I say pig roast, margarita pool and jell-o wrestling! Toss in a lewd and rude celtic band and 100 wenches and rogues playing a giant game of twister in the middle of the yard and we will show them what sophistication is all about! HA!