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Alsweth Catherine Killigrew
08-25-2010, 12:25 AM
Hello All,
Alsweth Catherine Killigrew at your service! 'Tis a pleasure to finally make your acquaintance. I have a question or two to be sure, so any help would be greatly appreciated!
My first one is....how do I locate the Guild Handbook and Song book pdfs?
My second is....what others of you my wench sisters will be at the Des Moines Faire in September? I plan to go for at least the second week...if not the third as well!

Thank you for any and all help!

"Ally Cat" Killigrew

08-25-2010, 05:11 PM
Welcome Ally!,
I think you may fall into the Heartland Chapter #29 (or not, I'm not real clear on areas) where I posted a blurb on 08/09 about the Des Moines Faire.
I'll be at DMRf opening weekend and the Sunday of the second weekend.
My Laird and I volunteer for the price of admission. We can usually be found hanging around the Forking Queen, acting as court and audience during the knighting ceremonies. I will be wearing my guild pin.
When you get there, go to the Somerset winery garden and say Hi to Melissa, (aka Merrydeth) who will be working the bar giving samples and selling wine. They also have a grape stomping thing, great fun and mayhem. She will also be wearing her guild pin as well as a Privateer guild pin on her pirate hat.
JP-aka Allen a Dale-In striped hose, doublet and feathered cavalier is usually there wearing his Rogues Pin. You will know him by his guitar (he is the principle player in the pirate comedy show) and the ever present camcorder which he uses to blackmail us into line and acquire film footage for the commercials.
See you there!
~Rowan aka Lorelei

Alsweth Catherine Killigrew
08-26-2010, 12:07 AM
Yes, Heartland #29! And, as for the wine...yay! I was actually planning on stopping there, because winery tours are one of my hobbies, and I had seen on their home site that the Renn Faire was one of the places they go to. So, now I'll know someone to look for!

The easiest way to tell you how to find me is look for the wench with her own entourage. By that I mean...my 5 sons will be with me for the weekend of the 11-12th.

I'll be flying solo on the 18-19th, but will miss part on the 18th as I plan to make a pit stop at DMACC and take my PRAXIS II exams! (Teacher ed. stuff)

Hope to see you!