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Buxom Wench
11-11-2010, 07:54 AM
To all past and present members of the military
and their families


Please relax this Veteran's Day
You more than deserve it.

11-11-2010, 08:50 AM
I've been quiet of late over here, but as an Army brat, I am grateful to all of those who have sacrificed time with their families, & yes, their own freedom to choose where they are in the world, so that she does enjoy such freedoms. Thank a vet, thank their family, give 'em a hug. Speed, Freebird, Sakeeta, Autumn & any of you I don't realize are vets/family members of vets thank you & consider yourselves & families hugged!

11-12-2010, 12:38 AM
One of my long-time KCRF friends posted this on Facebook - so I'm sharing the link and the love:


To all of you who are veterans; mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, children, grandparents, friends and relatives of veterans - your loved one is an amazing person for serving this country and you are amazing for supporting them.

To anyone who has lost a loved one in military service to us - bless you for your sacrifice and my you always find comfort, pride and peace in knowing your loss has continued to keep the rest of us free.

To my son Cameron - I know it's difficult adjusting to civilian life when what you really wanted was to continue serving as a soldier. I'm proud of you and I love you. To my son Taylor - I love the way you respect and admire your brother. To both of you - you are the joys of my life - no matter what. You're becoming the men I always knew you would be and I wish you nothing but a life of joy, strength, integrity and love.

To the grown men - like our own SpeedKnight - thank you for continuing to serve and for being role models for those who are just beginning to follow in your footsteps.

To the men and women who stay behind and keep the home fires burning while their spouses, parents, siblings, children and friends serve - a special thank-you and blessings upon you.

I'm grateful for the opportunity to give extra thanks to our veterans and active-duty armed forces and to celebrate our freedoms as Americans.