View Full Version : *Tap tap* Is this thing on?

Danicia de Lontra
11-15-2011, 10:27 PM
Hey ladies!

Since no one is using this board, is there another online hangout where everyone's trolling..I mean, posting?

I've just moved to SoCal and checking things out.

11-16-2011, 07:13 AM
Most of us seem to be on facebook and some of the locals also have members only pages there too.

11-16-2011, 11:04 AM
O herro! I'm on Facebook. :)

11-16-2011, 11:32 PM
There are not many active people in California. Only a couple who post to the boards and I don't know how many others there are there.

Phoenix McHeit
11-17-2011, 08:56 AM
I was dragged kicking and screaming over to Facebook because of the ghost-town this has become. Although I still check almost every day, at least every-other.

I really miss the interaction we used to have over here. :sigh:

Sorcha Griannon
11-20-2011, 10:33 PM
I'm here:) There isn't a lot of actives out here in Cali for some reason. I've tried a few times to get something together, but I think there is 2 of us in So Cal that regularly post here. We have no Madam (for several years now) but without the desire to get together, there really isn't a point in having one.

However, if you are planning on going to any of the faires out here, post when. Hopefully, someone will be there that day to say hello:)

Mistress Morigianna
04-11-2013, 02:20 AM
is there a special page for socal wenches?

Theresa Grant
05-30-2013, 04:02 PM
Hi guys, thought I'd poke my head in here since I received a facebook message from someone who was told I'm the Madame for Local 52 and wanted to friend me there. That was true, once upon a time, until 5 years ago when I retired from being Madame and also stopped attending renaissance faires on the West Coast. I'm sorry that you're leader-less. :( I still keep in touch with some of my closer wench, rogue, privateer, assassin, etc. friends but seriously, the faire scene out here is no longer my thing. I wish you all the very best!

-Theresa Grant, Madame Emeritus, Local 52
(Somewhere there was a signature, but it went away over the years. It was a good signature. Trust me.)