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12-05-2011, 07:54 PM
I found this joke while on a break from studying for finals. Hope you laugh as much as I did.

Three couples want to join a church: an elderly couple, a middle-aged couple, and newlyweds. The pastor calls each couple into his office and tells them that in order to join the church, they have to abstain from sex for a month. None of them are happy about it, but they make a promise to come back in a month and update the pastor on their progress.

A month goes by and the three couples return to the church. The pastor first calls in the elderly couple and asks them if they'd been able to abstain for a month.

"Yes, no sex for a month," the elderly couple said.

"Great," the pastor replied. "Welcome to the church!"

Next, the pastor called in the middle-aged couple and asked them the same question.

"Well, it's been pretty difficult, and he's had to sleep in separate beds for a bit, but we made it," the couple said.

"Glad to hear it," the pastor said. "Welcome to the church!"

Finally, he called in the newlyweds and asked if they were successful in abstaining from sex for a month. The couple looked at each other and were slow to speak.

"Well, we got through the first couple weeks," the man finally said. "But then, one day, well, she dropped some fruit on the floor by accident and one thing led to another... No, Father, we did not abstain from sex for a month."

The pastor nodded his head and said, "I am glad you tried, and I understand this is very difficult for young newlyweds such as yourself. But of course you understand this means you are now banned from this church."

The couple replied, "That's ok. We're banned from Safeway, too."