View Full Version : Scout Popcorn sales

09-24-2012, 09:43 PM
Hunter is selling popcorn to help pay for his Scouting activities. Boy Scouts have it set up so that online orders are possible. If he sells $2,500 or more, Scouts will put 6% of what he sells into a college fund. If any of you are interested in buyuing popcorn and would like to help him out, pm me your e-mail address. Hunter will send an e-mail from the popcorn sales site with a link that will enable you to buy popcorn from him. (If he is the top seller in the troop, he will get to pie the scoutmaster.)

There are some new flavors this year. Llike the double caramel crunch with a hint of cheese. (The boys really liked the sample at the last troop meeting.)