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03-30-2013, 02:58 PM
Sorry I havent posted in a very long time, life has been hecktic for me this past year and half. Let me re-introduce myself. Im Serena or Lady Serena renaissance personnas, Morgan Ann is my pirate personna. I hail from MNRF, and have been looking into visiting other fairs, hopefully starting next year. So hope to meet some fellow wenches at fair.

For those that know me the hubby got a wonderful job at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester Mn a year and half ago, (he was fired from his previous job for no reason) and I have been dealing with medical issues so thats the reason behind not posting. Im ready for 2014 already as last year and this year have not been kind to me. I have dealt with stomach cancer, having my gallbladder removed, and a serious infection under my liver along with a collapsed lung. (cancer is gonna as far as I know right now, I get tested again in November)