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08-02-2014, 11:42 AM
"Chapter 1, Victim 1"<br><br>Part 1) And as the Bowelfrog sits in its
safe secure home, he starts to feel a little bit jumpy. After deciding
he can't ignore his needs anymore, he commences. Lifting his body off of
the ground and bringing it back down again. The walls around him move,
spreading. He hears groans of pain and decides that he likes this, that
it satisfies him, so he continues. Moving, always moving. As time passes
on, and the groans cease. The Bowelfrog knows what is coming, he's
ready for it. He's excited and prepared to play again. He bounces around
in the now rumbling halls. Waiting for the surprise, he waits. And then
he sees it, the brown goo, sliding down the halls. He jumps into the
goop, happily.<br><br>Part 2) As the Bowelfrog sits in the brown goop he
starts to feel at ease or even at home and then the he feels it, that
deep dark urge, to jump, to move, to make some noise, it comes to him
naturally and he accepts it and as he lifts his body out of the goop and
the camera pans across to the face of the Bowelfrog, you can see it,
the smile, the laughter, the gracefulness of the Bowelfrog in all of its
glory as the brown goop covers the walls and then it begins, the goop
starts to move down a daunting path and as the path gets smaller the
Bowelfrog jumps faster, harder, stretching the confines of the tiny
space, groans of pain can be heard and then, the light, the glorious
light in all of its glory as if destined by god the light shines
directly on the Bowelfrog and then water.