View Full Version : Cusody Question for a friend

11-29-2014, 11:44 PM
I have a close friend in a very ... I'm not sure what word fits here.. situation.

He's a loving guy with a heart of gold.

He has a daughter with an exgirlfriend. The ex also has an older daughter from a previous relationship, not biologically his. He refers to the older girl as his step daughter even though he was never married.

Obviously, since he was never married to his ex, nor legally adopted the older daughter, he has no legal rights to her. But she is his daughter's half sister and he loves her none the less. If you ask him, he will tell you he has two daughters, and insist that blood or not, they are both his girls and nothing will change that and he will never take one and not the other.

Now his ex is a fairly rational and non bitter personal and they get along OK, she hasn't given him any problem with taking both girls for visits time to time.

The problem his his family is being somewhat closed minded on the blended family idea. They fully except that he has a child with his ex, but they don't agree with him claiming his ex's child as his own even though she's not technically his.

His ex has apparently discussed the idea of him getting the girls for the holidays, His family has said he can bring his own daughter, but the older one is not welcome. He remains adamant that they're both his girls and won't treat them differently. A friend of mine also pointed out the issue that since he doesn't have any legal custody of the older one, he may run into legal issues taking her across state lines to his family's house.

There's seems to be a divide among the issue of, he has been a part of this girl's life, and you can't just forget that like it never happened, and the idea that if we wants to move on with his life, and other relationships, he simply needs to accept that she is not his daughter and sever ties.

What's the legal and moral president here?