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Mistress Mel
09-06-2005, 02:34 PM
Sorry to have landed here in heartsore time, but I'm feeling lost and helpless. Late Sunday night one of my closest friends in the world was killed in a car accident coming home from Kennywood. Last year I was in a car wreck, looked up and found her at my side, I can't do the same for her, not now, not ever. Her husband is in the hospital still but the kids are now home with their maternal grandparents. The family is closing wagons, understandable, but it leaves friends lost. :cry:

I know that no one here knew Sherri but she was a warm, witty woman with two beautiful kids a new career as teacher and so much more. What upsets me the most is the way the accident was treated in the Monday news. There was no name given on the responsible driver, a driver who admitted talking on a cell phone at the time, all that was stated was she was in the wrong lane and blame was laid at the feet of PennDOT for a "confusing" sign. Sorry, I don't buy it. Even if the sign wasn't perfect, the double yellow lines were still pretty clear.

The only thing I can think to do with my grief is try to write to the police and the Post Gazette in an effort to apply pressure to make sure that a full coroner's inquest is held so something positive can come of losing Sherri. If you guys are interested, please let me know.

09-06-2005, 03:56 PM
:grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug:

09-06-2005, 04:05 PM
(((Hugs))) I'm so sorry to hear of your friend's life taken by an irresponsible driver!

Sometimes doing anything helps and makes you feel like you are doing something/anything but sitting idle. Maybe you could be there for her family by making some food that they could freeze (meat loaf, lagsana, meatballs) and just have to heat up when they needed...with funeral arrangements and the dad still in the hospital they will be juggling a lot.

Athalia Jewel
09-06-2005, 05:30 PM
:grouphug: I know I already said this, but it bears repeating: If there's anything I can do, please don't hesitate to call me.

I too don't buy the pathetic attempt to pin the blame on PennDOT. At the very LEAST that irresponsible little ^*&^&*%^&*^&$%^&^&* should have been issued a citation for negligence. I find the fact that they just let her go appalling. If the guilty party were anyone but a snotty little rich girl (Yes I can say that because I know the town she's from to be an affluent one), worst case would be them being immediately taken into custody and charged with vehicular manslaughter.

09-06-2005, 06:04 PM
Awww... HUGS>. i am sorry that this happened to you ..

I will be thinking about you..

Mistress Mel
09-06-2005, 10:45 PM
Thank you Sparrow, BuxomBrigid, Athalia and Holly. Thank you for the support and the idea on cooking. Sherri came from a big Italian family so I'll have to think creative maybe a dessert, something her kids would like. Athalia *hugs* thank you for the phone call and for offering to write a letter with me. I'm still waiting to hear about her funeral arrangements, maybe by morning...