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    Ooh oooh!! You wanna be one of US!!! You like us! You really really like us!! Okay then! Lifetime membership is $43.00 (plus 4.30 shipping and handling) in American moolah.

    What do I get when I join??

    Well, besides the obvious perks of being fully licensed to torture men in all the nicest ways and being part of an ever-growing sisterhood of troublemakers much like yourself, there's more! You also get the official Wench Guild membership pin (pictured on your right), the Little Brown Book (the official Guild handbook), a License to Wench (suitable for framing), and a Wenches Guild Membership Card with your name and guild rank. But wait! There's more!! You also get a stack of regular Wenches Guild FREE KISS cards, and also a stash of extra special FREE KISS Cards to distribute to all Rogues, scallywags, and kissable type folks who you deem worthy of your wenchly attention!

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