• Wenches Are Doing It For THEMSELVES

    By Mistress Bethany
    Published: August 21, 2001
    It Finally Happened. Driving down the freeway at 7:30 am Monday morning I saw something I have been waiting my entire mundane life to see. The car directly ahead of me was sporting the license plates "WENCH1."

    Just for a moment I thought I was en route to a show and had ended up behind a fellow tart on the freeway. Before I could completely baffle her and humiliate myself by shrieking "Huzzah for Wenches!" out the window, I recalled I was headed for my office manager job downtown and was not on my way to the wilds of Medieval New York.

    Completely confused at this point, I studied the self-proclaimed wench, trying to find some common ground between "wench" as I know it and this woman in her sensible sedan. This was not a woman bearing extensive amounts of cleavage or holding a flagon of her favorite ale. She was a well-coifed, very polished, professional woman obviously headed downtown to her office where, at least by appearances, she wielded quite some amount of power. How could I accept this type of woman as a fellow wench and renegade Tart? I could reach only one conclusion (with only one cup of coffee in me, I was simply glad I could reach the steering wheel), wenches are now everywhere.

    We have invaded, pervaded, and persuaded the normal world to the extent that it is becoming nigh impossible to ignore us. Have you watched the latest trends in fashion? The Bodice, watered down (and tamed a bit, it's true) is back in style. No more does dressing for success mean that you must look like a man. All of our assets are at our disposal and we are winning! The Wench is no longer relegated to weekends and back rooms (although we continue to excel there)! We have burst our bonds (practicing on our bodices all these years must have helped) and leapt into the mainstream in such a way that the "norms" are screaming for more.

    Having recently left the world of Gypsies to lead a relatively more stable and, well, predictable life, I was resigned to the fact that I now had to hang up my bodice and my attitude. I fully expected to allow those illustrious possessions out only on summer weekends while leading an outwardly humdrum existence the rest of the year. It simply never occurred to me that I could acquire the stable, mainstream office management position (with full benefits - I'm a Mom and a Wench) I was looking for without forsaking my up-to-now persona. Imagine my surprise and delight when I realized that not only are those qualities that make me a wench tolerated in the so-called "real world," they are considered as much of an asset in the office as they are at a festival.

    Somehow the lines have blurred and reality has shifted. (No, I haven't had any mead today.) Wench no longer represents a limited persona restricted to one setting and time period. Wench has come to mean any woman, any where, who has a strong sense of self, fun and her place in the world. Any woman who can take care of herself and her responsibilities while maintaining a sense of humor and the capacity to enjoy herself qualifies for Wenchdom. How many strong exciting woman do you know who have never been to Faire? They are you fellow wenches and they are the women who are helping the rest of us conquer the mundane world.

    Isn't it nice to know that we have allies? It's a great thing that there is no longer the pressure to suppress our true identities as women with attitudes when mingling in the masses. Yes, I know that most of you have never suppressed an urge in your life, but that is part of the point that I am making. By constantly exposing ourselves to the mundanes (all puns intended at all times), they have become less mundane and we have changed the definition of what is "normal."

    So here's to us: Women with attitudes changing the shape of our world and our cleavage simultaneously. May we continue to multiply (and, of course, practice multiplying) for years to come. After all, every girl needs a hobby.