• Opening Note from the Grande Madame

    Hello, my name is Patty and I have been your Grand Madame. I apologize for not writing sooner. My professional life has been upgraded to include a fair amount of travel in recent years, thus devouring most of my non-existent spare time.

    I would like to thank all of the Wenches for their support and for allowing me to be their Grand Madame these last years. It has been an honor and privilege that I have enjoyed greatly. Helping the guild grow from an idea to the international sisterhood that it has been a wonderful pleasure and extremely gratifying. I would like to thank my Vice Madame Bethany Coslar for all her tireless efforts, energy, enthusiasm, loyalty and support. There isn't anyone I would rather have had by my side. She is TRULY the Madame of Vice.

    So, what's it like to be Grande Madame? I'm sure many of you have an idea. As this is the long awaited election year, here's the honest truth for anyone considering the position.

    FIRST, you are responsible for the welfare of the Guild as a whole. You are it's highest representative and must preserve it's integrity, dignity and class. Your personal feelings are just that and must NEVER take precedence over what is best for the Guild. Everyone's views and politics must be respected equally. Therefore, the Guild can never be embroiled in political or social controversies.

    SECOND, you are responsible for the welfare and behavior of any and all Guild members during Guild sanctioned activities, including Wenches you may not personally care for. It's your job to support and defend to the best of your ability, the Guild and ALL it's members.

    THIRD, remember that YOU, above all others, represent the Guild. Your behavior many times will be not only what the Guild and it's members are judged by but what those within the Guild may choose to emulate. (It happens…) You will be living life in a fish bowl in many ways. Don't make your private life public. (Take a lesson from President Clinton…)

    FOURTH, you must be prepared to make the hard decisions. There is a tremendous amount of peer pressure to make the fun, popular decisions. Leave that to a lesser extent to your Vice Madame, as Vice is her job. It is the Grand Madame's job to take into account the current political/social climate, safety and possible long-term repercussions of any Guild decision. Remember that it's your butt in the fire. If something should go wrong, your are the one who will be explaining it to those needing explanations and you will be the one organizing damage control. On the other hand, if some Wenches decide to do something on their own with out the approval of the Grand Madame, they are on their own and are at the risk of their membership. If things get screwed up, it is your personal decision whether or not to try and save them. The Guild is technically a democracy, so keep in mind that "Because I said so" is not an appropriate response to questions of authority or Guild protocol. The Wenches not only deserve, but have every right to, an explanation of your policy decisions. After all, they elected you.

    The VM (aka: The Madame of Vice) is generally bequeathed with the more non-serious responsibilities of the GM, such as interpreting policies on Wench Walks for example. She does most of the organizing and oversees the execution of most large scale endeavors. She is the Woman in the Field, so to speak, whose responsibility it is to discuss all propositions with the GM. The Vice-Madame is the spotlight position, down in the trenches, whereas the GM must be somewhat more discreet.

    By Grande Madame Patti Falzarano