• Wench Walk Rules

    These policies are designed to set a basic level of decorum that can be accepted by any Festival management entity. There are instances where some items may not have to apply, based specifically on what can be agreed upon by an IWG Local and a hosting Faire/Festival. These guidelines are not meant to stifle or homogenize a Wenches freedom of expression, but more to ensure that ALL Wenches site privileges are not adversely effected by negative Event Management responses. The best thing to do is have your Local Madame contact your event promoters to discover what compromises can be arranged. Contact the Guild Scribe for further advise or an IWG im-Press Packet.

    • NO Drinking/Drugs to impairment prior to Walk.
    • NO being carried about frivolously. Its a Walk; if you cant, you dont. Especially if injured or ill. (The ONLY exception could be the use of a rickshaw or cabriole service.)
    • NO members under 18 years of age without her Mother. (And Mom must have the Walk explained to her in front of witnesses...)
    • NO inappropriate garb (for the specific) Faire/Festival site can be worn during a Walk. If tights are unacceptable foractresses on site, then they are unacceptable for a Wench Walk. At least for the Walk. Have a skirt and a hat/ garland/braided head handy, just in case... or walk as Crowd Control/Security.
    • Singing or other commotion CANNOT disrupt festival Performances. Plan your route accordingly and be aware of performers.
    • The Drill Sergeant and/or Madame Singer are the irrefutable authorities of a Walk. They are held accountable for all the actions of the Walkers and their decisions for that particular Walk are the law. All issues and dis-agreements are to be taken up AFTER hours for future resolution.
    • Walks of more than 20 Wenches should notify Festival Management prior to proceeding or have a standing arrangement set in advance.
    • There will be NO PANTS/UNDERGARMENT REMOVAL of victims in public & without their consent.
    • Leave no lipstick marks on Actors that they cannot remove easily. NEVER on costumes, regardless. Wardrobe Mistresses can be fierce.
    • If a wife holds back her husband from getting wenched, applaud her instead of treating her like a stick in the mud. Youre all sisters, after all.
    • ATTEMPT a Wench to Guard ratio of 6:1, but your experiences may dictate differently.
    • Perception is everything: Decide beforehand whether you wish to be seen as a good-natured temptress or a rampaging rhino with lipstick. The latter doesnt do the IWG image very much good, let alone your own, but its up to you.
    Walk Security
    It is the opinion of the Guild Founders that the necessity of an official male Wench Guard unit is counter to the primary ideals that the IWG first envisioned. (ie: that independent, strong women can handle themselves just fine without a mans help...)

    The creation of the Battle Bitches and particularly the Antianiera and Valkyriea were originally intended to fulfill that sister protector purpose. However, it would be irresponsible not to prepare against unforeseen unpleasantness. After much consideration, its been decided that should a Walk Mistress, Madame Singer or Local Madame on site find a lack of female security personnel available, then alternate male security personnel should be made use of.

    It is highly suggested that active members of the Renaissance Mercenaries Guild be assigned guard duties (as they all swear fealty to the same entity managing the IWG, as well as signed oaths of honorable conduct...), but also other costumed males (ie: husbands, fathers, boyfriends or other trusted fellows/Guilds-men) may also be made use of to provide security/crowd control services as well.

    It has never been the IWG Scribes intention to exclude or snub those who may have been helpful to IWG security issues in the past; it is simply a matter of trying to maintain that delicate balance of public perception between a group of assertive women having fun and an armed party herding a loud harem. As has been mentioned earlier, different Faire/Festival sites have different levels of decorum, so a certain latitude must be adopted. It is hoped that all Guilds members can understand this viewpoint.

    So. Play. Safe.
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