• Kiss Cards

    One of the most potent munitions in your arsenal du amour is the “Free Kiss” card. It’s long though somewhat disreputable history can be traced back it’s use as a prize by gamers. For such awe-inspiring feats of physical prowess as tossing a bean bag “frog” into a hole or knocking a friend or relative off a log with a burlap sack filled with straw, the winner was given a “free kiss” card so as to foster the notion that such deeds were worth a smooch (and thereby saving the games concessionaire considerable cash on not having to buy more expensive prizes).

    Over the years, enough of these little paper entrees were floating about to be considered a form of minor currency and would change hands many times before disintegrating into a pulpy wad in the laundry.

    Your Guild Kiss Cards now come in a single variety: Special. The regular version was finally retired in 2005 as they were a little... too tame. They once simply signified that the bearer, when presenting to another person, was entitled to a kiss of undefined duration, com- plexity or location IF that person was willing. The card was not an open license but an invitation. It could be declined, though it was, of course, their loss.

    Your Special Free Kiss cards are a more advanced kind of beast and they should be used sparingly as it offers the presentee with their choice of rewards, and even a blank space where a reward can be filled in; a reward limited only by the bearers imagination. Any or ALL of the boxes may be checked, so be careful about filling out the card before presenting it to a fellow (ESPECIALLY a Rogue...). Otherwise, it’s like giving a blank cheque to a known felon. Unless, of course, you LIKE that sort of thing...After all, some girls like surprises in all forms....

    There are occasions when an enterprising Wench may run short of Kiss Cards (Heavens forfend!). In these trying times, this situation can be redressed three ways: by contacting the Guild Scribe via the Postal Service, serfing over to the website of Lundegaard Productions or visiting the Lundegaard Guild Hall at N.Y. Renaissance Faire. Our advice is to keep a close eye on your stash, and re-order when it seems low, though low depends upon your proclivity to give them out – for some girls, ten cards may indicate they are running low, while other more “active” ladies might spot a stack of 50 cards and gasp, “ONLY 50??? How will I get through lunch????” Know your own habits, and order accordingly. Additional Kiss Cards are 10/$2.00 (+ .50 cents per 30 cards Postage)

    To Order On-Line:
    Serf over to the Lundegaard website.

    To Order via Snail Mail:

    Send a check or money order to:
    Lundegaard Productions
    Attn: IWG Card Refills P.O.Box 51
    Southfields, NY 10975