• Labra Lege - "Read My Lips"

    Every woman has the inalienable right to leave her mark on the world, and a Wench takes this responsibility rather seriously. A man cannot ever say he was truly wenched unless he has had to have his skin practically sand blasted to remove the ubiquitous smooch mark of a focused Wench. This marking (or “tagging”) can serve a variety of purposes: a sign of ownership, a means of conveying an intention, a beacon to guide your way back home, etc. To this end, a Wench in the field needs to seriously consider her options and available materials for leaving the mark that best suits her own devilish style.

    When choosing a lipstick for a wench walk, there are only two things to remember:
    That being said, it’s best to avoid “all day” lipsticks, like Revlon Colorstay, Max Factor Lipfinity, or L’oreal Color Endure*

    Of course, one should not stray too far to the other side of the spectrum either, and attempt to use opaque lip glosses, like Estee Lauder HighShine or Revlon Line and Shine – the gloss will certainly mark the victim well, but it will also get all over your face in the process, thereby taking up valuable re-application while you attempt to your wipe own lip gloss of your chin and nose.

    Here are some suggestions to take along with you on your next trip to the cosmetic counter, with prices ranging from Kmart to couture.

    Use these colors as a guide and compare others to them, always considering your own skin tone and preferences. There are a million shades of red out there, more than enough for every wench to have a full and varied arsenal at her disposal. Perhaps you can even find a willing victim to try them on before deciding on your weapon of choice.

    (*Here’s a tip --If you want to keep all day color underneath your “marking” color, line your lips in a complementary shade, then fill in completely with the liner. It will last for hours, through eating, drinking, and other oral activities.)