• What's a Wench?

    To paraphrase Guild Scribe Lars Lunde, the Wench's Guild is a loose (not necessarily literally) yet powerful confederation of women who share beliefs that some may consider sexist but that we feel are just fine.

    * A wench is not afraid to stand on her own.
    * A wench is beautiful, regardless of size, shape or color.
    * A wench is unafraid to use body, brains and brawn to get what she wants.
    * A wench doesn't need anyone to tell her how to live, love, look or dress.

    Among those beliefs are the ideas that it is every woman's right to choose what she does with her body, with whom she does it and where and when, and that all women, regardless of shape, size, color, age, creed or sexual orientation should be encouraged and permitted to be the person that she wishes to be. Although our organization started out at the Renaissance Festival in Tuxedo, New York, it has since grown immensely, and our members range from housewives to college students to strippers to businesswomen. As long as you are a strong woman who is not afraid to flaunt brain, body and soul, you too could be a wench. In our organization, the word does not have any negative connotations, nor do words such as hussy, trollop, strumpet, jade, tart or Madame. In fact, we have even come up with acronym for wench:
    Women Entitled to Nothing but Complete Happiness.
    What We are Are:

    1. We are a group of strong, independent women (and a few men).
    2. We are entitled to nothing but complete happiness.
    3. We are mothers, daughters, married, single, gay, straight, students, teachers, workers, entrepreneurs and homemakers.
    4. We are proud of our bodies, our minds and our hearts.
    5. We carry ourselves with dignity and pride and take responsibility for our own actions.
    6. We learn from our pasts and shape our futures.
    7. We are fighters and lovers, nurturers and hunters.
    8. We are ready.

    What We Are NOT:

    1. We are not perfect, but we learn and teach from our mistakes, and the mistakes of others.
    2. We are not PC. We are not threatened. We are unafraid to stand firm in our judgements.
    3. We are not threatened by those who intend to intimidate us, and we will *not* be subdued.
    4. We are not a political organization although we do have some very strong, group opinions on domestic abuse and the equality of women.
    5. We are not a group of Femi-Nazis. We are not against men in any way; in fact, there are male members in the wench guild.
    6. We are not limited to Renaissance Faires, although that is where many of our member first heard of the Guild.
    7. We are not content to sit idly by and watch as ourselves and our sisters are being stifled, ignored, abused, abandoned, raped, murdered, stereotyped or mistreated in any other way, whether physically, mentally, emotionally or socially.
    8. We are not afraid.

    Article by Dawn M. Ferchak
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