• Guild Charter

    We, the undersigned, having put aside our personal differences, are come together to support each other in our belief of a common (but not ordinary) sisterhood of Wenchdom.

    We agree to support our sisters with loyalty and honesty. We will not rush to judgement on any issue or person. We will respect each other's views and air any disagreement in an organized, calm and open manner (ie: no screaming, hair-pulling catfights in public places, etc. - no matter WHAT the Rogues might want. Take it behind the bard, ladies…) We agree to (as a group) remain politically neutral, remembering that we are a diverse group holding many different opinions. Our diversity, bound together by a single common ideal, is part of our strength and must be celebrated, NOT trampled into uniformity. The breaking of any of these articles by the undersigned person or persons opens up said persons to possible demotion of expulsion from the Guild.
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