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What commands can I use in the chat?

  • /away Sets user as away.
  • /here Sets user as here. This reverses the "away" and "busy" states.
  • /busy Sets user as busy. Typing this command again sets user as "here".
  • /back Shows the last entries of the room's chat, including any chat text that was present before arrival to the room.
  • /backtime Shows the last minutes of the room's chat, including any chat text that was present before arrival to the room.
  • /clear Clears the chat screen. This only affects your screen, not the screen of other users.
  • /me <action> Issues an IRC-like "action" to the chat. "/me" will be changed to your user name, and the text in <action> will appear as a system message. For example: "/me is thinking" would translate to "Joe is thinking".
  • /join <room> Switches the user to <room>. For example: "/join The Lounge"
  • /part Logout of the chat.
  • /quit Logout of the chat.
  • /logout Logout of the chat.
  • /version Shows which version of the chat you are using.
  • /invite <user> Invites "user" to the room that you are currently in.
  • /ignore <user> Ignores "user" until /unignore "user" is issued
  • /? Display a list of currently available IRC commands.
  • /helpall Display a list of all available IRC commands.
  • /whowas <user> This only works when FlashChat is used in a registered-users manner (not the "free for all" chat mode). Shows profile page for any registered user.
  • /whois <user> Same as /whowas, but the user must be logged in.
  • /motd Displays the message of the day, as defined in /appdata/motd.txt
  • /sos <message> Alerts moderator in the current room of your message. Message text is optional. Message behaves like an /alert
  • /names Shows a list of all user names in all public rooms.
  • /showignores Shows who you are ignoring, and who is ignoring you.
  • Is the chat censored?

    Well... sort of. We were playing around with some rather silly word censors, so if the swear word you use is one we were messing with, it will be censored - however there are many words not censored at all. Keeping this in mind, please try to behave yourself in the chat. A moderator can kick you out, and will ban you if you make a nuisance out of yourself.

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