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Where do I find the forums RSS feed?



Can I add the most recent forum posts to my own website?

Sure thing! Add the following to your website, wherever you want the list to appear:

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<script language="" type="text/javascript">
for (x = 0; x < 10; x++)
document.writeln("<a href=\""+threads[x].threadid+"\">"+threads[x].title+"</a> (Posted By: "+threads[x].poster+")<br />");

What are the rules for forum membership?

We don't have many rules, but we do ask that the few we have are observed by all members. The first and most important is that you must always treat fellow forum members with respect, and the second is that there is NO pornography permitted in the forums, attachments or galleries.

While the members here are typically 18 and older, there is no reason to post offensive or pornographic content here. If that's your thing, please take it into private message, or perhaps visit the IBRSC boards.

These boards are not heavily moderated - meaning we trust you, the forum member, to keep yourselves and each other in check. If you find something you feel is offensive, please use the Report Thread icon in the post to send a note the webmistress. Each post and situation is reviewed fairly and on a case-by-case basis.

If you find yourself unable to follow these rules, please understand that you can be temporarily or permanently banned without warning. And if you really push it, we can probably make sure your kids and their kids can't post here either.

Just be respectful - and most importantly, have fun!

I am not an IWG member, but I am an IBRSC member

You're welcome here! Just be sure to join the IBRSC usergroup so that you can take advantage of the larger PM and gallery quotas that both IWG and IBRSC guild members enjoy. To request membership, simply login and go to your account options, and click on the group memberships page.

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