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    Every woman has the inalienable right to leave her mark on the world, and a Wench takes this responsibility rather seriously. A man cannot ever say he was truly wenched unless he has had to have his skin practically sand blasted to remove the ubiquitous smooch mark of a focused Wench. This marking (or “tagging”) can serve a variety of purposes: a sign of ownership, a means of conveying an intention, a beacon to guide your way back home, etc. To this end, a Wench in the field needs to seriously consider her options and available materials for leaving the mark that best suits her own devilish style.
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    One of the most potent munitions in your arsenal du amour is the “Free Kiss” card. It’s long though somewhat disreputable history can be traced back it’s use as a prize by gamers. For such awe-inspiring feats of physical prowess as tossing a bean bag “frog” into a hole or knocking a friend or relative off a log with a burlap sack filled with straw, the winner was given a “free kiss” card so as to foster the notion that such deeds were worth a smooch (and thereby saving the games concessionaire considerable cash on not having to buy more expensive prizes).
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    As per the definition in the Wenching Glossary, the time-honored RenFest pastime of Rose Tag is really quite simple; to play, one must send a rose to a person with explicit instructions to perform a particular act (the more embarrassing, the better), hence the “tag”.

    If that person chooses to decline the Rose Tag, then the sender gets a point and the sendee is considered a weak-willed, insecure weiner with no social standing remaining in their pitiful, repressed little life and should hang their head in shame as they go home to slap their mother for raising them the way they did.

    These policies are designed to set a basic level of decorum that can be accepted by any Festival management entity. There ...

    By Rhiannon the Ale Wench, Wench338
    Published: August 24, 2001
    Oh, I feel so old. When I offered to contribute ...
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