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    Got a bunch of members, and nowhere to play? If you are interested in starting up a local chapter, this page will give you the information you need to get the ball rolling. It explains the differences between Guild Hostels, Guild Locals, and Splinter Locals, some additional notes of interest, and the contact info to get your stuff on its way.

    Guild Hostels

    A Guild Hostel (or Charter House if a Guild Local is based within - see further on below…) can be formed by a group of as little as 3 (preferably 5) or more Wenches. (Provided said Wenches have a physical place to convene, like a crafts booth or tavern on a Faire/Festival Site or private residence administered by a Wench of Jade (5 years afield) status or higher.)

    To obtain a Sanction for a Guild Hostel, the Wenches wanting to operate the Hostel must contact the Guild Scribe with a petition that includes:

    The names, ID#s and addresses of the Hostel members
    The physical location of the Hostel
    Written permission of the building owner for the use of said building for occasional Guild purposes
    The contact name and information of the building owner and/or the person in Faire/Festival management allowing the Guild use of the Faire/Festival's tavern/pub/what- have-you
    A suggested name for the Hostel
    A brief description on what madness they plan to do there.
    Upon approval of the Hostel by the Guild Scribe (and Local Madame, if available), the Hostel administrator (now known as the Dame of the Hostel or just "The Dame") will receive a Guild Sanction to be displayed proudly on the Hostel wall and the full support of the Guild in matters of protocol, policy and tomfoolery. The Hostel can also obtain a nicely Painted Guild Shield for display* or paint their own (badge shaped, no more than 12"W x 18"L) to alert fellow Guild members that there's a sanctuary here.
    Guild Locals

    A Guild Local can be comprised of any group of IWG members in a particular region or event numbering more than 10 that is administered by an elected Local Madame. Elections on the Local Level can occur when the need arises, but the proposed nominee has to:

    Be nominated by a Wench and seconded by a Hussy (3 year afield) status or higher IWG member.
    Make a printed Statement of Purpose of what she hopes to achieve and how she will serve her Local Members & IWG in general. This then needs to be sent to the Guild Scribe ASAP, signed by both the nominated & "nominatees". (See contact information below.)
    The Guild Scribe, acting as an independent proctor, will notify all IWG members in the voting region via urgent E-mail of the impending vote. (with the names & Statements of Purpose of the nominees) There will be a 3-week deadline. All voting will be tabulated by the Guild Scribe and the new Local Madame will be announced as soon as a 55% majority of all possible collected votes is achieved. If this is a newly formed IWG Local, the newly elected Local Madame will be sent the Local's Charter for signing by it's founding members and display in the Guild Hostel/Charter House. If the Guild Local is already established, then the new Local Madame will receive a Certificate of Office to clearly show her authority and props due.
    The Local Madame and her Lieutenant Madame (who must be voted in as well) must administer a Guild Local, with either an assigned Arbiter (of Hussy status or more, nominated by the Elected Local Madame) or Dame to break voting deadlocks. All these persons and their contact information need to be registered with the Guild Scribe to have their authority recognized by the IWG and to keep the communication channels open.
    To obtain a Charter for a Guild Local, the same information as listed for setting up a Guild Hostel is sent to the Scribe, but is then forwarded on to the GM, for a vote including the VM and the Scribe. If accepted, as based on membership population in a region, possible conflicts and other considerations, a Local Charter / Number is issued and the Charter is sent for the Charter Applicants to sign and display. The physical location (Hostel) of the Local is then called a Charter House, for lack of a better name. If a Charter House needs to move or change locations (due to on going Guild Local activities before/after the run of it's "Home Show"), notice needs to be sent to the Scribe for communication purposes. The Local may also create it's own Guild Banner for parade or display purposes (no larger that 3'W x 5'L, with the Guild Logo occupying the upper half) so long as they register the design (and any additional motto) with the Guild Scribe for the IWG Chronicles. (Free design assistance from the Guild Scribe is always readily available…)

    On the Formation of "Splinter Locals"

    As a Guild Local grows to encompass an area that includes more than one Faire/Festival site or a large number of members (25 or more, let's say…), there may be a desire to create another local within the existing one. IF this "Splinter Local" can benefit the Guild's image by creating a positive presence (i.e.: Charter House) at a different Faire/Festival or ease the day-to-day oversight duties of the Local Madame AND does not deplete the existing Local's membership numbers by more than 45%, then the new Local can be proposed as described above. But, please: Do not make this request based on intercene warfare amongst members. If you don't like the way the Local Madame is running things, begin a grass root Impeachment Proceeding and register it with the Guild Scribe instead of forcing a wedge between a group of "sisters". Let's go for harmony instead of disruption, okay?


    Only ONE Guild Local (Charter House) can operate jurisdiction on a particular Faire/Festival site at any time, though up to 3 Guild Hostels can operate within a Local, provided a Local Madame is presiding to arbitrate. Visiting Guild members are subject to the jurisdiction and protection of the Local Madame. Sometimes bringing a gift or symbol from a foreign Local/Hostel is nice, so as to reinforce the far flung bonds that hold the Guild together… but, it's just a suggestion.
    When a Hostel reaches 10 members, and there is no other Guild Local operating on the same Faire/Festival site, it may apply for Charter House Status as a Splinter Local.
    * Lisa Farrell (IWG #027) has been the un-official Guild signage "Painteress" for over 4 years now and can be contacted via e-mail at: [email protected]

    Please mail Petitions, Nominations, Mission Statements, etc, to:

    Lundegaard Productions
    Attn: IWG Local Elections
    P.O. Box 155
    High Bridge, NJ 08829


    Faxed to (908) 638-4107

    E-mailed to [email protected]

    Ooh oooh!! You wanna be one of US!!! You like us! You really really like us!! Okay then! Lifetime membership is $43.00 (plus 4.30 shipping and handling) in American moolah.

    What do I get when I join??

    Well, besides the obvious perks of being fully licensed to torture men in all the nicest ways and being part of an ever-growing sisterhood of troublemakers much like yourself, there's more! You also get the official Wench Guild membership pin (pictured on your right), the Little Brown Book (the official Guild handbook), a License to Wench (suitable for framing), and a Wenches Guild Membership Card with your name and guild rank. But wait! There's more!! You also get a stack of regular Wenches Guild FREE KISS cards, and also a stash of extra special FREE KISS Cards to distribute to all Rogues, scallywags, and kissable type folks who you deem worthy of your wenchly attention!

    Click here to Sign Up

    If you can answer any 3 of these questions with an "ohh yeah", then you are obviously a woman of distinction, a product ...

    The International Wenches Guild is the brainchild of Lars Lunde (Official Guild Scribe) and Patti Falzarano (National Grande Madame); it began at the New York Renaissance Faire in the summer of 1995.

    What began essentially as a local club intended to give some vague sense of order to the various wenches all over that Faire site rapidly turned into an organization stretching across North America, with a present membership of over 2000 women.

    The Guild is not a political organization, due to the varied beliefs among our members. As a result, we avoid any volatile political topics, such as abortion, simply because we often have members on both sides of the argument and it would be unfair to rally the Guild for one side or the other. We do, however, hold certain beliefs that could be construed as political, such as an absolute abhorrence for domestic violence of any kind and a healthy respect for the environment and for all living things.

    Membership in the Guild is open to all interested parties; we even boast a few men in our ranks. Membership includes a pewter pin with the Guild logo on it, a "License to Wench"e, a membership card, The Little Brown Book (soon going into its third printing and expanding into two volumes, the Official Guide and a separate songbook), a stack of regular "free kiss" cards and a stack of special "free kiss" cards. Men who think this idea is interesting but are wondering why there isn't something similar for guys can contact www.lundegaard.com for information on our brother organization, The International Brotherhood of Rogues, Scoundrels and Cads. Men who are interested in more involvement with the Wench's Guild can talk to any IWG member about getting nominated into the Loyal Order of Himbos.

    The Guild can be asked to perform in front of interested booths as a way to attract business, time permitting on sites where they are performing officially.
    Part of the proceeds that the Guild makes from any performance are given to charity; the split runs from 50/50 to 70/30, depending on what expenses the group needs to be concerned with for the show (normally hotel and traveling expenses, plus food).

    A Wench show normally consists of several performances of bawdy songs connected by innuendo-filled dialogue between the Wenches. Audiences are encouraged to participate, whether by singing along with the choruses, clapping or occasionally being pulled into the act. Another part of a Wench show that is not mandatory but always extremely popular with patrons is a Wench Walk.

    A Wench Walk consists of a group of Wenches walking across the Faire site, singing and chanting "We're walking; we're wenching," and occasionally stopping to mark some unsuspecting (but very lucky) man with lipstick kisses. The Walk is very closely guarded by both the Resident Madame and the Wenches' Guards (we do tend to bring our own security; they are not part of the show). Marks are above the waist only, there is to be no groping and only people who wish to be marked are marked.
    Special thanks to Lundegaard Productions for making the Guild what it is. The Guild website and graphics were designed by Vitruvian Arts, owned by Madame Cum Laude Alison Gianotto.

    Article by Dawn M. Ferchak and Lars E. Lunde

    We, the undersigned, having put aside our personal differences, are come together to support each other in our belief of ...
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