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    What is decaffeinated coffee?

    Decaffeinated coffee The English name Decaf Coffee or the full name Decaffeinated coffee is coffee from coffee beans that have been removed at least 97% caffeine. There are many ways to remove...
  2. Kiwi fruit is very useful. That health lovers must eat

    Kiwi is a fruit that has excellent properties for the body. Full of vitamins and minerals Suitable for those who want to lose weight Kiwi has a sour taste. Is a foreign fruit But easy to find For...
  3. Misconceptions like this "acne disappear"

    Many people have acne, often squeeze the face to wash, wash for a long time and wash back and forth. Because I thought that To wash your face very clean Can cause acne to come off or disappear But...
  4. Eating vegetables reduces the risk of tooth decay.

    Sugar is a good source of food for bacteria to produce acids that damage the tooth surface until it continues to spread without changing behavior by focusing on consuming vegetables or fruits that...
  5. Drink until the morning without getting drunk.

    Don't leave an empty stomach. Before drinking alcohol Should stimulate the gastric juice in the stomach to start digested otherwise Therefore you should find something to eat. Or not let your stomach...
  6. When the body lacks "vitamins" can adversely affect our physical health.

    Vitamins and minerals Is a very necessary nutrient To the work of various systems in the body and even if the body Will require only a small amount of vitamins, minerals But will definitely not be...
  7. Tie tight hair to really cause hair loss?

    Hair binding, especially the hair tied into a ponytail There is often a saying that is the cause of hair loss. Which in reality Tight hair ties are not the main cause of hair loss. Is just a...
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    Stress relief With healthy foods

    Regardless of whether you are stressed and can not eat. Or eat too much If turning to eat healthy food It will help prevent our body from being affected by too much stress. Therefore, when stressed...
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    The dangers of cow's milk allergies

    Milk is the third food that causes life-threatening allergic reactions. Second to peanuts and various types of nuts The allergic reaction may be so severe that the airway narrows to block the...
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