All right. I'm currently going through some interesting changes concerning my religion. Quick background: I've always been Christian, not because it was the only thing I was taught, but because it's just felt right to me. But there's always been something out there, something more, that the Christian churches have never touched upon, other than saying to not look for answers. I've tried to study martial arts for a long time now, and though it did seem to fill a part of what was missing, it remained incomplete. And I think I've found a whole lot more of what I've been searching for in (insert the word for the study of Wicca here; sorry, words aren't my strong suite). Because of some oaths I've made to myself, others, and my deity, I don't want to give up my religion entirely, but would like to meld it with what I'm going to learn. I'm trying the whole thing where I only "worship" what I believe to be God, but still acknowledge and respect the other deities and forces out there. It's an interesting time of learning and change within myself. And with that said, I ask for direction. I have two teachers over here that I trust, one being a friend of mine, and the other, my fiance. But as I'm wont to do, I ask everyone that I trust for information. And I've only seen good info and advice coming from this forum. Might I ask some good sources for information? I'm currently reading Full Contact Magick: A Book of Shadows for the Wiccan Warrior by Kerr Cuhulain, and from what I've read so far, there's a lot of good info. His views differ from mine on a few points, but from what I understand that's pretty normal. I haven't been able to really start anything yet; my year-and-a-day beginning doesn't start 'till I pull back into my home port. It's hard to do anything on my ship; being out in the middle of the water makes it hard to ground, from what I've heard (don't know why, though; I read that water, esp. salt water is also used to ground things), and regardless, there's a lot of negative energy reeking out of the ship. (Really old ship that most people on it don't want to be there, and those that left leaving their own negativity for the ship there, and all. I think it's a viscious cycle: people leave negative energy and leave, new people come, new people feel negative energy and become negative themselves, and add to the pile, until they leave...) But anyway, tangent aside, I'm looking for sources of info. I don't have much internet access, but I can get e-mails, and suggestions for books and other materials will also be nice. And because of the lack of internet access (including this site) I won't really be able to read the response to this for a while, so feel free to e-mail me at [email protected]. That's just about the only access to outside contact that I have. Fun stuff, huh? Thanks for reading this rather wordy post, and hope to hear from any willing to lend a helping hand.