Hey, ladies,

It's been ages since I dropped in (naughty me!) but I know lots of us are readers, so I wanted to share a great project I'm involved in.
It's called Lawless Lands: Tales From the Weird Frontier, and it's an anthology of weird western stories - adventures that take place in the wild
frontier, but with a delicious left turn into the bizarre. We have some kickass writers attached - Faith Hunter, David B Coe, Barb Hendee,
Devon Monk, Laura Anne Gilman, Seanan McGuire, to name a few!
We're running a Kickstarter to raise the funding, and we're nearly to our goal, but we need help. Take a look, back at whatever level is comfortable
to you, and maybe share the link with people you know who might enjoy it, too.


We'd be mighty grateful!
Kes (aka Misty Massey)