Greetings Fellow Wenches of IWG Local 42!

The time has come to prepare to elect a new Madame and Vice Madame for Local 42. It has been my honor to have been your Madame for the last 4 years even though with all the personal events in my life during this time, my leadership has left much to be desired. That is why I will not be up for re-election. My hopes are that Local 42 will be able to elect a more dynamic/energetic leader; someone who can bring the fun and positivity back to once this group once had.
Please start thinking of who you’d like to see run our little group of madness and be prepared to post your nominations following the guide lines below:
Mistress Dee
aka: Delinda Price
Wench 1583
Madame of IWG Local 42
(excerpt from The Little Brown Book)

Any 30+ year old Guild member of Madame level status may be nominated for Local Madame by a group of 3 or more wenches higher than Hussy status. (For nominees, it helps to be a parent or hold a job position in the “real world” that manages many people… trust us on this one...)
A Vice Madame must be 27 years of age & of Jade status or higher, and, though named by a LM nominee, must be seconded by at least two other Wenches in her particular Local. A VM can also be nominated independently by 3 or more Wenches.

Incumbent LMs & VMs do not need to be nominated to run for re-election. LM/VM Nominees and their platforms must be sent to the Guild Scribe for review by the 1st day of Spring (March 21st) of an election year and will be posted to the particular Local’s IWG website by the following April 1.

Voting will take place over a 7 day period between May 1 and June 30th by the following methods:
Internet Email - [email protected]
Send your name, Guild ID#, Local # & your vote choice(s).

Write-in ballot - post-marked by May 1 to:
Lundegaard Productions
attn: IWG LOCAL #___ VOTE
P.O. Box 51 Southfields, NY 10975

Same voting info as listed above for Internet.