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Sent: Tuesday, August 29, 2006 12:24:59 AM
Subject: [MDRF-Wenches] Casta Diva outfit for sale


Last August I purchased an absolutely gorgeous Casta Diva gown at
PARF and used it last MDRF season. It doesn't have a size on it,
but I would estimate it to be approximately at 22 or 24. It is red
and black with roses on the bodice and underskirt panel and consists
of a bodice, an underskirt and an overskirt. It needs to be
drycleaned, but I can do that prior to handing it over. I am
unaware of anything on it that is noticably worn or needs repair. I
am asking $250 or best offer (within reason) for it.

I would never consider giving it up except for the fact that I
shrank out of it. I've lost about 40 pounds in the last year and I
don't think that even the Cheese Rogue could lace me in tightly
enough to give me proper support in it again. (In fact, once I look
through my things, I might find that I have more to sell. I'll let
you all know if that's the case.)

If anyone thinks they may be interested in it, I would be happy to
bring it with me to the faire (I plan to be there everyday) and meet
up with whomever is interested so that they can see it/try it for
size/etc. If you are interested, please e-mail me at celenda at msn
dot com or call my cell at 301-467-0206 so that I can answer any
questions or make arrangments to meet you at faire to show it to you.

If there are multiple interested parties, I'll go with best offer
within reason or first come first served if anyone offers the full
asking price.

See you Saturday!!!
Dame of the Hostel
Wench #2427