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Thread: A Gentle Reminder

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    Default A Gentle Reminder

    Because we all need it from time to time, it was suggested that a copy of the rules go up. These are pulled from the LBB - so don't argue with us. If you don't like them, go talk to Lars.

    Let us not forget the basics...

    Reasons for disciplinary action include:

    - Unreasonable Insubordination (ex: Breaking Walk protocols in deliberate defiance or representing the Guild to a Faire promoter without Guild management approval.)
    - Breaking a REAL law (Thefit, Larcency, Assualt, Murder, Soliciting)
    - Drug Possession/Dealing
    - Drunken Behavior in view of Faire/Fesitval Management or Patrons
    - Nudity in view of Faire/Festival Management or Patrons
    - Under-Age Alcohol Drinking or Supplying
    - Public Sexual Displays higher than PG-13 in view of Faire/Festival Management or Patrons
    - Bearing False Witness (spreading of malicious untruths that cause disharmony amongst the Guild)

    According to the book, disciplinary action is three strikes, 1. Warning, 2. Suspension, 3. Expulsion, to be settled on the local level (if at all possible) by a Quorum of three ranking members (Local Madame, Local Vice Madame, Lt. Madame, Dame, ARbiter and local or visiting Madame Cum Laudes/Madames). After all, the IWG is about fun, but NOT a shield for drunken debauchery and irresponsible behavior in pubic.

    Settling Greivances:

    It is preferable that a controversy or grievance among Wenches be settled at the local leve *after hours*. However, if an issue cannot be effectively resolved, appeals can be brought up the chain of authority first to the Local Madame (Kae), then the Regional Council, the Privvy Council, Scribe, Vice Madame, Grand Madame and finally, the Grande Prive. But, please, try to work things ot amongst yourselves first.
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    Default Re: A Gentle Reminder

    nice to know the grounds ,,
    thanks for passing the information,,,
    patiently awaits the arrival of pin and accompanying materials ...
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