I have also some creepy experience with landlords, but break in making it look like a burglar and rape a girl? Are you serious? Those stories are horrible. What kind of world do we live in? You cannot be sure of anything nowadays. That is awful that you cannot feel save in your own apartment. I know that landlords usually run background checks of tenant applicants but when I read this thread I think it should work also in the opposite way. We should also do background check of our landlords! Don't you think so? Have you ever try to check your possible future landlord? What website did you use? How I said, I have also terrible experience so I am curious. I am looking for an apartment right now and I want to feel safe. I have a daughter so you can imagine my worries. I found one website - http://www.e-renter.com/resources but I have never done background checks. Please help me someone. I will be glad for any comment. Thank you very much!