We're looking for someone who would be willing to take in a darling, sweet, black and white kitty we found wondering around our complexe. We've been caring for him for a few weeks now, and he and my other cats aren't getting alone.

All his shots are up todate including Rabbies for one year. He'll require a Rabbies 3 year booster next Nov that is about 13.00 at the vet. He also tested negative for Feline FIV and Feline Lucemia. So he has a clean bill of health. :) He will need to be fixed.

He's adorable. You can see him at www.elvenvoices.com/Jack.htm for some older photos of when I found him. I have some new ones I haven't uploaded.

He would be better as single cat, or with another cat who isn't territorial or flightly to other animals. He's adorable, will sleep with you, totally litter trained, loves to be petted, purrs on contact and talks.

Someone through him out into the cold three weeks ago, and he was starving. He was skin and bone, but sweeter than anything! He has adorable markings on his face, like someone took a brush of paint and lightly smeared it over his nearly all black face. His lower jaw is white and black, giving him a "Phantom of the Opera" look.

He's nearly all back with a white belly and boots. As you can tell I'm in love, but my cats won't have it!

If you know someone looking for a home for Jack, please contact me either via PMs or through email via my website. I am hoping to find someone within the vacinity of me. I live in Eastgate, Ohio about an hour South of Dayton, and two hours South of Columbus. I'm seven miles from the Kentucky boarder about a 15 minute jog to Newport on the Levee.

If you know someone that will take him, please let me know. :)

Pinay and Jack