Hi Gals,
A few weeks ago, skinny and homeless and adorable black and white baby boy came wondering onto my landing. I took pitty on the skinny kitty and took to feeding him. Not knowing what he might have, I took our cat carrier minus the cage door, and heated it using a heating pad covered in corderoy. (Thank Goodness for Extra Fabric!) I also took my old winter coat and put it over the top to keep out the wind. He lived there for a week coming and going as he pleased.
When the news reported it would be 25 one night I said, "That's it, he's coming in, I can't keep him outside." So he joined us. All was good, till Tennyson, our little orange male, decided he didn't like the look of Jack nearly a week after he'd come in side. Actually it was a week to the day, and attacked him. Well, I got into the fight, getting bitten on the forearm. I took a nasty gash, and had to call my husband to take me to emergency care. He had to run from work, and lost hours. :(( So, tentnus shot for me, and wrap it for a week with monster antibiotics. 500 Mg four times a day. Bleh!
I finally went to bed at 11:30 after being up all night and this happening at 7am. I collapsed and wondered as I fell asleep, if the cats would ever get along. Getting up later we noticed that Tennyson our residant male was limping and favoring one of his paws. It was swollen, and I wasn't sure what was wrong. Later we came to find it hasn't been the only one that was bitten! So our next trip to the vet came on Friday. (Jack has gone for his full regament of shots on the Saturday before when my husband woke me up out of a dead sleep hollering that the cat was bleeding. When I found him he had these sores and we feared mange, and other things. When diagnosed it was HUGE hot spots on his body. The largest was six inches long on his back. The people I found out later that were his owners that abandoned him have a HUGE flea problem in their apartment. The neighbor told me you walk inside and look like you have a mass black moving poca dots on your legs. Bleh!)
So now after two weeks, the cats still aren't getting along. And I have a feeling it's not going to be within our ability to have them get along. Our Female is like, "Oy yeah! Big Boy! Come on over!" Which ticks off Tennyson, who's like "Back off of my Girl!" It's like a bad Teenage romance at Sun Valley High!
So now I come to you because after now investing money (170.00 for Jack's shots, vaccinations, and tests, 70.00 for Tennyson's Bite and Antibiotics, and 45.00 for my bite/shot and antibiotics) I have to give up this adoreable kitty that I've grown to love.

Jack is a Black and White male, that loves to be scratched and cuddled. He's low key and shy. He LOVES to play with string. He has taken to my husband, so we know he loves guys and women alike. He sleeps between our feet on our bed at night or cuddled up between my husband's knees.
He's litter trained, and uses his box with no accidents in his time with me. He is eatting Purina One cat food, and love fresh water. Sometimes I have to change his bowl twice in the day because he loves water so much. I asked the vet, and he said, "It's not uncommon!".

So if you know someone in the SW Ohio area that could have a kitty to love and snuggle and cuddle, Jack is your Cat! He would be best in a home alone, or with cats that are as laid back as he is. He's mellow, except when playing, when he plays tug of war, and steals the string from you.

I am hoping that who ever might take him might be able to help us with a portion of his vet bills. With Christmas coming, the 350.00 we've spent was all the money we were saving for Christmas to buy presents for our family and for us. If who ever takes him can't offer the help, it is alright. We are ONLY looking to find him a GOOD home. That's is A #1 reason I am writing this.

If you would like to help with some of the bills, I am putting up fabric, patterns and other things on Ebay to help combate the cost. I've got about 15 yards of burgandy corderoy, 10 yards of this light gauzy striped fabric for chemises or skirts, five yards of a cotton in a pinkish brick colour that would be great for a skirt, and other odds and ends of fabric here. I am also selling a necklace on Ebay you can find me as "lovelytitania" there. Even if you can't help with your dollars, good wishes, prayers and good thoughts would be appreicated for Jack in finding him a new home. I have photos I'm putting up later, if you would like to see him. He's really very very cute!
Please scout around, and see, would you? Jack and I would appriecate it.

Pinay and Jack