Faire is just around the corner, ladies, and with the addition of a Hostel
> to the FLARF grounds, I was thinking it might be nice to have a
> meeting/gathering of all Local Wenches and Rogues...just to get to know each
> other, review the 'Rules of Engagement', discuss possible activities,
> concerns and generally start organizing ourselves a little better for the
> benefit of all.
> What do you all think? It's going to have to be held rather soon, since
> faire is just around the corner, and my weekends in January are going to be
> booked solid. If you all like the idea, let me know. I'll play hostess, and
> provide any crash space anyone might need (kids, dog and cats, so be mindful
> of allergies to any of those critters) kids are welcome. I'd suggest a
> potluck of snacky type foods, and BYOB, but I'd really like anyone who is a
> Guild member, and who is planning on being an active IWG wench at FLARF to
> get together and talk out our game plan for the coming season.
> I know that a lot of us are encampment wenches, and therefore are limited in
> our ability to really participate, but if you want to come out and show
> support, or just want to see what's going on, or offer suggestions, or hey!
> just hang with the girls, then come on over.
> I'm not setting a date just yet. I want to see what the interest is first. I
> know the holidays are coming up, and it's going to be tight...but if you all
> think this is a good idea, PLEASE speak out.

That was a blatant repost from the FL Wench List. :) I can do that. It's my post! :)

Right now, I'm thinking of a date on the first weekend in January...after the bulk of the holidays and before any serious faire stuff kicks in again. Either the 4th or the 5th, times dependant on the needs of the respondents.

Of course, if there are no respondents, we'll wing it, and do the best we can. :)