woot! Tia speaks! I love when she does that!

As for any addendums to the rules Tia already posted, well, yeah... there are a few. But they aren't onerus, and basically boil down to common courtesy and respect. Remember that the Hostel is in an encampment. It's a working camp, and patrons will be coming in and out of it, viewing, listening to and sometimes talking to anyone they see inside. Try to help us by maintaining the illusion. :)

Other than that, the Hanseatic League asks that you remember these basic tenets:

Per Hanseatic League Policy, the Wenches of the IWG:

* Are responsible for monitoring their behavior. The Hanseatic League will not tolerate lewdness, drunkenness, foul language or drug use in their perimeter, and will make a report of any misconduct to faire security immediately upon the witnessing of such behavior.

* Must, while within the perimeter of the encampment, take part in maintaining the illusion of the 16th century. There will be no cells, smoking, or other anachronisms while visiting the encampment.

* Are not permitted to access the back stage areas of the faire via any Hanseatic League access, nor are they permitted within the tents of members of the Hanseatic League, the only exception being the tent which houses the Hostel.

* Are responsible for their own possessions. While the Hostel is available for storing items the Wenches do not wish to carry with them throughout the day, the Hanseatic League does not maintain responsibility for their safety.

That's it. We are trying to set up a smoking area for you girls, but it's going to depend on how set up this weekend goes. We may not be able to, but we're going to try.

Also, we're putting a bit of our own cash into this venture, so any donations of money or supplies to stock the hostel would be greatly appreciated. Specific needs are: ice, water/ gatorade, tampons, extra lipsticks, midol/ asprin, bandaids, sewing kits, sunblock, lotion, deodorant....ect... try to imagine what you'd want a pitstop at faire to include... you know.. the emergency basket, so to speak. This is going to be YOUR shelter from the elements, the public, and a safe haven in emergencies. It'll be whatever you make of it.

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