Hi all! :)
We've often heard of the Avon Breast Cancer Walk, and my sister is going to do the walk with a friend of hers in San Fransico. It's a 26+ mile walk. You can link to her area on the Avon website by going here:

My Sister's Avon Breast Cancer Walk Page!

She had to raise 1800.00 before July to walk. All donations go to the Avon Breast Cancer Research. :) The minimum is 10.00 for a donation. If you can offer her 10.00 to help her get to her goal, I thank you ladies for your support!

I know the Guild does a lot of these walks with Team Wench, but if you help with a small donation for Avon for my Sister, I would be greatful for your help and kindness! Every dollar helps each of us find a cure for Breast Cancer, so that if one of us gets it we know we are supported by our fellow ladies by their generosity!

Much Love