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Thread: PANCREATIC CANCER Donation Site

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    Default PANCREATIC CANCER Donation Site

    As many of our Wench members know, one of our own's man has Pancreatic Cancer. I am posting the URL here for the National Pancreatic Cancer's Donation site so that any one who wishes to make a donation to fight this terrible disease, may visit and give all you can.
    This site is under the aegis of the well-respected Johns Hopkins University Medical Center, which is in the forefront of research and experimental treatments for this disease.
    Pancreatic Cancer is the #5 killer in America today. Research desparately needs to be funded to find a way to stop this monster, which has taken the likes of Michael Landon - and we've all seen our ex-President Jimmy Carter's ad which tells of the loss of several of his own family to the same disease.
    I know our Wenches will give generously to help. Thank you, and Bless you all.
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    Default Re: PANCREATIC CANCER Donation Site

    Thank you for sharing the link. It is awesome that you are spreading this information in order to help. I will definitely share it with my colleagues at Сustomwritingcenter Custom Essays and we will do our best to donate. Keep up with a good work and thank you for sharing.

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