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Thread: Election for Local Madame and Vice Madame

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    Default Election for Local Madame and Vice Madame

    Greetings all members of Local 74!

    As I am sure many are you are aware of, I relocated to Ohio last November for my job. I am very happy that I was able to get the Georgia local of the Wenches Guild started. Now that everything is official, we need to elect a new Madame and Vice Madame that are local to Georgia.

    There are 2 weekends left of GARF and I hope there should be no issue managing to get a quarum of wenches one of those weekends to handle the vote and have the new leaders in place by close of faire.

    Here are the official qualification requirements for the positions:

    Any 25 year old (or older) Guild member of Madame (7 or more years) status may be nominated to run as Local Madame by members of her local guild.

    To be nominated as a Vice Madame, the Guild member must be 22 years of age or older and of Hussy status or higher (3 or more years).

    Eligible wenches must be nominated and seconded. Any nominated wench will be required to submit a statement of purpose platform.

    As I know of two people who are qualified and interested in the positions, I am opening the floor for nominations with the following:

    For Local Madame: Psyche delle Stelle IWG# 2370
    For Vice Madame: Whiskey O'Brien (Brandy Franklin) IWG#2100

    The floor is now open if you wish to nominate someone, or second the nominations that have been made.

    Nominees - Once you have been seconded, please post your statement of purpose to the forum and the Yahoo group for everyone to read so we can get this going as soon as possible.

    I propose Midnight Friday as a cut off for the nominations. I will let those of you in Georgia propose a time for the vote since you may want to do it live at faire.
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    Default Seconding nomination for Local Madame

    I, Whiskey Fyre O'Brien (Brandy Franklin), IWG#2100 - MCL, second the nomination of Psyche delle Stelle - MCL for Local Madame.
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