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Thread: Weather update

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    Default Weather update

    Saturday's meeting is still on, for the moment anyway. Weather for Rock Hill is calling for a dusting of snow, and only after dark Saturday.

    HOWEVER, anyone from parts north, who may have more entertaining weather conditions to contend with, should consider carefully before making the drive down. I'd much rather miss seeing you one day than put you in any sort of danger.

    If some folks can come and others cannot, we'll have a brainstorming session and share the info on the list later.

    Be safe! Be warm!
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    Seeing as the weather generally hits Durham and west and stays north, I forsee a good number of us still planning to head down. if the snow changes it's plan of attack, it could change.

    Yesterday was a nightmare of massive proportions, expessionally in the Raleigh area. Drive times of 2-11 hours home instead of normal commutes of 5 minutes to 1 hour.

    :hug: Warm cups of tea all around to those who dealt with. Stay warm, stay safe.

    Amazing what we are being tossed this season, and this is only the start of an interesting month. The next month is supposed to be a bear of a time:(
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