Urgent! Need booth workers for the Colorado Ren Faire, which starts in 2 weeks - yikes!!!

I just found out that most likely Domba will have a booth at the Colorado Ren Faire, however, I am out of town the first two weekends of the Faire and have previous comittments some of the other weekends.

Any bellydancers from Colorado out there interested in selling some Domba costumes? (You get a free one out of it!). I'm looking for a full-time gal from open to close each day of the Ren Faire, plus a p/t gal probably from 12-5pm or so as well.

If you're interested please email me DIRECTLY as I am going out of town this weekend to the UK and won't have access to Tribe. Preferably, I'd love to meet this coming weekend at the Faire, while I'm setting the booth up. I need someone extremely responsible and reliable and honest that loves Tribal bellydance!

email me at domba AT cox DOT net and I can let you know the pay and details....
don't ask me for details - I pulled this off another forum