Because of the impending server move, I really need you folks to download your mail off the server. If you miss the window, your old mail will be accessible, but only for a short time before the machine we're currently on is decommissioned.

The standard quota for POP3 email on the server is 10MB, and I'm showing some accounts with over 300MB of mail sitting on the server!

If you opt to "leave a copy on the server", please adjust that setting so that it deletes it from the server after a period of time, like 7 days. If you've downloaded your mail to your computer, you won't lose anything - it just means mail you've already downloaded won't just sit there taking up space.

The server we're currently on would typically not bounce mail if you're over quota, however the new one will, so I need you to be diligent about keeping your POP3 accounts at a reasonable size.