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Thread: A gentle reminder

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    Default A gentle reminder

    Hi gang,

    Without wishing to stir up a new shitstorm here, I would like to remind everyone on the boards that when a decision is made, such as banning someone, that decision is made by me, and me alone.

    If anyone who is friends with someone who has been banned has an issue with that decision, you may take it up with me, and no one else. Forum arguments about whether or not someone should have been banned from here will be closed and/or deleted.

    Just like every other forum on the internet, these forums are not a democracy. They are, at best, a benevolent dictatorship. This has been the case from day one, and will continue to be the case for as long as the boards exist.

    While I generally leave the forums alone to self-police, there are occasions where I need to step in. Thankfully, in the 10 years we've been around, that has happened very infrequently. However when it happens, and a decision is made, a percentage of people are always going to be pissed about it.

    Honestly? Deal with it. I don't make these decisions lightly and I don't do it often. Decisions on banning are not open for debate, discussion, or appeal. In short, you have to have really, really pissed me off to get banned from here. And once you've done that, it's done. I'm sorry if you don't like that - you should have thought about that before behaving like a jackhole.

    If you don't feel like you were behaving like a jackhole, I'm sorry about that, too - but I obviously thought you were - and so did a lot of other people, since I have never banned anyone from here without getting a significant number of complaints about them first.

    It is not acceptable for anyone to harass guild or forum members regarding a ban against them or one of their friends, because ultimately, that guild or forum member does not have the authority to ban anyone. Only I do. Abusive behavior towards guild members will be handled by all available legal channels, and posts and PMs sent by the offending forum member may be submitted to law enforcement if it becomes necessary to prove ongoing harassment or a pattern of threatening behavior.

    To put it bluntly, if you fuck with my girls, I will do everything in my power to make your life hell.

    If you do not like this policy, you are welcome to find another place to post.

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    Default Re: A gentle reminder

    And of course, I completely agree (regardless of our matrimonial status). Just like expected behavior when visiting another Faire or just somebody's home, if a person cannot abide by the house rules, it's out the door they go. The Snipe established the forums as a means of communication and common bond, not a conduit for intimidation & assault. Play nice or play in the street. At rush hour. QED.

    I'm The Lunde and I approve this message.
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