Mom is doing well physically. Her surgical sites are healing well. And we got the pathology report back this week.

It's good-ish news!

Confirmed stage 2... and only one of the 14 lymph nodes removed had cancer cells!

The doctor is very pleased. Apparently they caught it early-ish. We are hopeful that the chemo will completely eradicate any remaining cancer cells.

Mom is going through a rough time emotionally. She has lost a part of herself and fears that others (including family) will regard her as "a monster". Both myself and Sakeeta have tried to tell her that no one who cares for her will find her monstorous... but it's not a rational fear. She is grieving for the parts of her womanhood that she has lost (ovaries, uterus, cervix and now a breast) and fears that there will be nothing left as "woman" in her.

I am still trying to be her rock so that she has at least one person to whom she can vent her fears and anger without the fear of hurting my feelings or being abandoned by me for her expressions.

She expresses a deep-seated exhaustion and doubts that she has the will-power to "fight" cancer anymore.

I know that my mother is a tough woman, but this is a very hard thing to deal with for her.

If her drains are removed next week she may be able to return to fair for the last weekend or two. However! She will -not- be working in the shop much, if at all. Please, if she does return to fair, be respectful of her need for recovery and only visit for short periods... with only one or two people visiting her at a time. When hugs are given be very, -very- careful of her right side. Her wounds are still painful...

Continued prayers of support are needed in this difficult time.