Just for clarification, there are now two different types of groups on the forums: usergroups, which we have always had, and which dictate your permissions on the forums - and social groups. So there's no confusion, here's a quick rundown:

Available here:
These groups have not changed. Guild members should apply to be included in whatever local (or IBRSC) they belong to. ONLY users who are associated with authorized locals will be allowed to access certain members-only content such as the Little Brown Book and other exclusives. If you register for the site and do NOTHING else, you should apply to be part of your local usergroup. They should not be considered optional for bonafide guild members.

Social Groups:
Available here:
Social groups are NOT tied to any kind of permissions or exclusive contemt. The best way to describe them are sub-sets of the forums that allow people with similar interests to discuss things that may not be on-topic enough to warrant their own dedicated forums.

Social groups have their own messages, AND their own photo albums. Please try to keep the images posted to the albums PG13 *and* on topic. After all, that is the whole point in having groups.

Any registered forum user may create a group. Any registered forum user may upload photos, and post messages to the group.

I have set up some starter categories. Please let me know if there is a category you feel is missing.

Social groups are entirely, 100% optional, and are there simply to enhance your experience on the forums.

Please let me know if you have any questions. :)