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Thread: Piles Of Patchwork To Go!

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    Default Piles Of Patchwork To Go!

    Greetings all!

    Just thought I would let you know that we have just completed the 2010 pre-faire (At least, for our home faire) overdye batch. Since the price of rayon has almost doubled in the last 24 months, Mistress™ is contemplating a price bump.

    She is also on her way to Florida at the moment for some much needed vacation time with some other teachers and kids who have never seen the gulf. (To see it while they still can)

    So... That means that I am running the show for the next two weeks, and I have a huge pile of patchwork that I need to price and inventory and ... well, you know.

    So, Since I would rather sell it than price and categorize and pack and make displays, I'm gonna make an executive decision.

    The standard skirts prices are as follows:
    Regular = $117.00
    Overdyes = $144.00
    Sales tax = $ 7.61 or $9.36
    Shipping = $ 10.00

    I'm waving my magic wand and offering this for the IWG:

    Regular = $109.00
    Overdyes = $130.00
    Sales tax = $ Included in skirt price!
    Shipping = $ Included in skirt price!

    Just don't tell the ShopMistress™ if you see her, as I would like to... you know, live.

    If you are interested, you can message me here, or @ ShadowBlasko {at} gmail

    Thanks! Hope to hear from many of you soon!

    Shadow Blasko
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    Default Re: Piles Of Patchwork To Go!

    PM sent.

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