whoooaahh!! It's almost here , omg, so much still to get ready. Please, please god let the weather be nice!! all us Rennies deserve it!!

If I do end up going , I will be bringing a small sample of items for sale, for those of you interested. (Per the rules, private mail me for a link to my website on Webshots for pics of stuff for sale). Likely: MI Ren Fest pottery Mugs, shirts, mugs, goblets, plates, some shoes/boots, furs, books, etc. fabrics are often linen, cotton, silk, wool or a combo thereof. items are previously used, in good condition, washed/sanitized for your convenience. Sizes of clothes from toddler to XXXXL. V-neck, button down the front, pullover (open at neck w/one or 2 buttons), mostly solid colors, some patterned. If you have requests, ask by mail before I pack the car, please
Happy Spring!! --Shannon, The Colonial Peddler
(who has live events 4 times a year--where you can purchase goods, and by mail order)
I"m on Facebook, and have Yahoo email
--since this is local mid-Mich., I've put this here. Mod., if you'd rather I put it in W-bay, ok, I will--