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Thread: Facebook Group

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    Default Re: Facebook Group

    Wow, how nasty.
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    Default Re: Facebook Group

    Wow....Just wow. And not in a good way.

    Mary, you waited for over a month to say anything about the Facebook page. And when you do, you weren't nice or civil about it at all. FYI: It is not a good thing when a wench from another local feels strongly enough to post on the local 26 forum "how nasty" something is.
    When Irish eyes are smiling, be afraid.......Be very, very afraid. I will act as old as I feel, look as old as I am, and smile at the obvious disconnect.
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    Default Re: Facebook Group

    Holy hell Mary...do you really need to come out swinging like a PMS-ing toddler? As mentioned above - you waited weeks to post *anything* about a Facebook group...you apparently created a group and didn't even bother to attempt to contact anyone in the local to add them....and when the Vice Madam takes the initiative to freaking do SOMETHING in this local...you act the offended prima-donna in public about it. I've about had it with the lot of you. I had less drama in fucking grade school than what's currently swirling around a group of supposed "adults".

    I've been wearing my wench pin with pride and honor in this region for YEARS...thinking that eventually the IWG would take hold in this area and we'd enjoy the good reputation and host some of the fun events that I've read so much about in some of the other Locals. I've attempted to stay out of the fiasco that has developed in the leadership of this Local; I have neither the time, patience nor inclination to deal with the bullshit- but you seem to take great delight Mary - in airing the "dirty laundry" out in public for all, so let me take a page out of your book for a bit, shall I?

    I can honestly state at this point that I'm ashamed to be associated with Local 26. I've never seen a bigger mess of back-biting and snarkiness in my life. You've done NOTHING in your tenure as Madam to furthur the establishment and growth of Local 26. The *only* person I see making an effort here is Kat. I'm not choosing sides here...I'm stating a plain and simple fact. It comes down to this Mary...shit or get off the damn pot. Do something as Madam....or get the hell out of the way for others who will. Be a help, not a damn hinderance.

    The behavior going on here is outrageous and ridiculous in the extreme. Knock it off and get about the business of actually doing the job you all are supposed to be doing. Elsewise, resign with honor and let others do the deed.
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