Just listed on eBay... Ladies, start your shopping engines! It's closet-cleaning time, and there's a bumper crop of goodies up for auction. I need to raise some cash as well as make some room in my new place.

Mostly women's garb, but a few men's items as well... Skirts, bodices, bloomers, hats, a jacket, blouses/chemises, lions, tigers, and bears, oh my. 25 items in all.

- Lots of Moresca stuff, including a men's Lancer Jerkin
- Fleurbie Blouse from House of Dra
- Several Heart's Delight pieces
- Halfmoon Hunter Jacket
- Pendragon "Dragon Flight" suede/leather bodice w/extra set of side panels
- Crimson Gypsy custom-made bodice
- M'Lady's Panties bodice
- 2 gorgeous Crown & Feather pieces - feather headband and a tricorne
- Cloaks of Avalon men's suede jerkin

...and a few other items, too!

Please click on this link to go to my listings, or you can search through eBay - my seller name is wench230 (go figure!).

Browse, shop, bid, enjoy, satisfy your garb jones, and help a sista out. You know you want to.