Greetings from a midwestern wench! I'll be at the Des Moines RF in Iowa at Sleepy Hollow grounds the first three weekends in Sept 2012, and will have water/gator juice for wenches and performers. I am stationed at the Summerset Wine Garden, across from Ames British Foods. (did I mention we sell cold, refreshing wine?)

I don't think we will be allowed to do any wench walks or bawdy songs at the faire (small faire run by family), but I will try to have cold liquids and possibly little bit of chocolate goodness. I would appreciate any help in starting a hostel at DMRF and tips on how to conduct a quality tranquil place for my sisters. Thank you for any help you can offer. (wench since 2004)

I would also like to request help with a Facebook page for the Heartland chapter. The Yahoo chapter been spammed and needs some diligent pruning. The former owner suggested that I contact the IWG and start up a new page, since the old one is spam-ful.

Thank you, sisters, for your continued support and constructive criticism.