2nd Weekend done!
I was only able to stay for Saturday, and it was a glorious day!
We had kilt checks, a few wenchings, Roses were given to those that needed one (perfect!), and our Madame of Vice got arrested! OH! and one grape dive! Hahahaha
We are not charging for kilt checks or wenchings, but maybe next year we will, and give a portion to charity, maybe breast cancer research.
One pleasant surprise from this weekend, is that 2 pinned wenches came in to the Hostel, both living in Washington, and had no idea we had a local! we also tried to drive up interest in playtrons for joining, so we may have an explosion in membership! HUZZAH!!!

So, if you are coming to faire this weekend, bring something to share at the Hostel. I will bring water and ice, and bacon chocolate chip cookies! We could always use fruit and other noshes.

*sigh* I can't believe it's almost over!
Pics of Nina's arrest to come