Hey lovelies! A dear friend and I were doing a crafting show in Charlotte this past weekend. The show was a bust, and we needed some fun. Looked around and lo and behold, your lovely faire was only half an hour away, AND to the North! Practically on our way home! How could we resist? With no garb in sight, we were true patrons (for the first time in over a decade). Boy was that weird, but fun as well. For one thing, I am hesitant to try clothing on when I'm in full garb, because of the hassle of getting back into the corset. Well that certainly wasn't an issue yesterday! I tried on lovely blouses from Ophelia's, an absolutely stunning cincher from Mystic Leather, threw on a cloak/cape/serape thing... it was wonderful!

We couldn't stay too terribly long, as we did have a 9-hour drive ahead of us to get back home, but we made the most of the time we did have. We got to chat with (and surprise) some familiar faces from our neck of the woods, like Neidfire, Marshall Laww, and Donovan from Catskill Moccasins. We were amazed at the talents of London Broil, sang with Ded Bob, laughed crazily at Zilch the Torysteller (and bought his DVD), were completely enthralled with your amazing Sirens, and purchased a hand carved flute, a small flask with a tree inset, and various other trinkets and tchochkes for the young'uns back home.

Y'all have a lovely shire, full of music from one end to the other. It was fun and relaxing, peaceful and joyous - a beautiful ending to a rather crappy weekend. Thanks gals; I had a blast, and I'll definitely be sure to come again!