This post is mainly to people who work or attend the NYRF at Tuxedo.

Do some of the workers ever set up car pools? Or would you be interested in starting one up for the coming year? I live in NYC and while I don't currently own a car, I was wondering how some of you manage getting up there every weekend.

Also, once up there, do most people just camp out for the weekend? That seems like it would be the most convenient thing to do and I love to camp. How are the campgrounds and what have your experiences camping there been like?

This season's not even over yet, but I've gone for the last time, and now I'll have to countdown until the opening this year. But there's always the Medieval Festival at Ft. Tryon! Do most of the booths and vendors from NYRF come down for that? I still can't imagine over 150 booths in that park! Oh, garb, here I come!!